Salvage Union: a short playtest review

This weekend, I got some the Dublin West Marches crew got together to play the beta test kit for Leyline Press’ Salvage Union. We had a lot of fun exploring the rad desert, fighting off outlaws, and salvaging lost tech from the wasteland Salvage wut? […]

Riding the con high from Trolls & Légendes

I am back from Trolls & Légendes. I had a blast. It was so nice to meet so many people, many of them I consider friends, who I hadn’t seen in at least three years. Inexplicably, I do not feel drained from the constant socialising, […]

The cover of my Storm Kingdoms wip docupent

Diegetic Mechanics in TTRPGs

Apologies for the big words. But you know, I have to get some traffic to my neglected blog. By diegetic mechanics, I mean those mechanics pertaining to the collaborative fiction. Or simply, in-world. So how can mechanics be in the world if they are rules, […]

DCC : minutes d’un module maudit

This is a rare blog post in French about the module I’m writing for the French edition of Dungeon Crawl Classics. Go pester Joseph if you’d like to explore the moon in English. Non, le module DCC français n’est pas un sort d’illusion majeure. Il […]

/ u n t i t l e d u p d a t e /

As you are obviously aware of, is back online. It took me months to find the time to investigate how to put this site back up after I screwed up the SSL settings. One email to my hosting company to get the answer, and […]

Secrets of Shadoloo cover

Obliviax Oracle: my dive into FKR design

I could have explained what FKR design means in the title, but I wanted you to click through. And now if you dare leave before you’ve read the whole post, the Ancient Dread Curse of the Drained Device Battery will plague you and the children […]

A hard fight is about to break out in a game of Dungeons & Dragons

Lunchtime D&D: fifth time’s the charm?

It sometimes feels like since I decided to start offering lunchtime D&D games in workplaces, I’ve spent most of my time designing rules. And it’s probably true. I blame 2020 for some of this, but I also learned a lot along the way. The initial […]

The Story of KNOCK! Magazine

This month, I’m helping run my first Kickstarter campaign ever. We are crowdfunding the first issue of KNOCK! magazine, a publication we have exhaustively dubbed an Adventure Gaming Bric-a-Brac and a Compendium of Miscellanea for Old School RPGs. It’s a bazaar of the OSR if […]

A goblin mamluk riding a tamed thoul, from Eric Nieudan's Goblinburg, art by Didier Balicevic

The goings on with Goblinburg (part 1)

When the situation started, I thought it was a great creative opportunity. And it is: extra time to write and think about games, who wouldn’t love that? Answer: my brain. I’ve found it very difficult to use my brain to make stuff. I mean I […]

My AirDnD Dungeon Master kit

Become an AirDnD Dungeon Master

I mean, I am a Dungeon Master on AirBnB Experiences*. AirDnD is not a real thing (but it should). If you’re not aware of AirBnB Experiences, it is a part of the global lodging marketplace that puts visitors in touch with local hosts offering food […]

My notes, maps, rule book, and pregenerated character sheets for Macchiato Monsters

DM prep with Macchiato Monsters

Last weekend, I ran Macchiato Monsters for the first time since Easter. Over a couple days, I tweeted a sort of journal of my DM prep. Go read it if you want the background info or skip to the listicle. Oh, and I don’t think […]

Goblins chasing chickens outside the Sleeping Hound inn

A Roomscape in an Inn

Here is a roomscape for you: This used to be a wide, well appointed kitchen before it got looted. A smell of burning stew drifts from the fireplace (and into the adjoining rooms). Referee info: the kitchen was recently visited by goblins who took most […]