A gallery of goblins: the thoul

I made this for +James V West‘s #glorpy challenge and it was a lot of fun. The text below is mostly the same as above.

A thoul is a patchwork of goblins, fused together with necromantic rituals and glorpy serum (also know as the blood of Glorp, father of trolls and lord of all life).

Thouls are mounts, created to patrol the base of the Great Antispire generations ago. They are now widely used for militia and military purposes, and favoured by some explorer types. They are biped but prefer to walk on all fours. About as intelligent as a dog (I roll 2d6 for their INT), most understand goblinspeak and Turkish* and can say a few simple words.
Stats: HD 3, AC as leather or by armour type, attacks d4 or by weapon plus bite d4 (save or be paralysed for an hour). Morale 9. Glorpynesis: regenerates 1d4-1 hp per turn.
About half the thouls found in Goblinburg have a quirk or extra ability. Roll d12:
1. Intelligent and able to have conversations. Ridden by a dummy knight with four spring-loaded arms flailing about in combat (once per fight, save if anywhere next to the thoul or take d10 damage).
2. Has the head of a diaphanous goblin. Knows one first level spell.
3. Styrge wings all over its body. Can levitate for a turn every hour.
4. Half a dozen gigantic hands: used to climb trees, dig galleries, and grab people.
5. Brand from a major Hexagon House. Stolen maybe?
6. Acidic skin. The rider must wear protective gear or take 1 damage per hour.
7. Old beast. Doesn’t regenerate anymore.
8. Hack job. This thoul is tiny or feeble. Halve all stats.
9. Toad tongue. Can attempt to paralyse at short distances.
10. Chaotic glorpynesis. Healed wounds sprout a head, organ, or appendage.
11. Vampiric guts. Sustained only by warm blood. Attacks with advantage when blood has been spilled, but has to feed for a whole turn when its first victim falls.
12. Not so well trained. Roll morale every turn.
Riding a thoul into battle requires a WIS check every turn to keep it under control, unless the character has history or practice with thoul riding.

*So yeah, I’ve decided that Goblinburg is located in a cave deep below an Anatolian mountain, some time under the Byzantine Empire.