How to make goon master characters in Macchiato Monsters

Some time ago,+Samuel Guillon‘s character managed to convince a tribe of goblins his character should be their new god. He asked about taking a trait like God of the Goblins to have a following of fanatical flunkies. I made this mechanic in a G+ comment, but recently thought about it again, and realised it was a way to emulate +Benjamin Baugh‘s hilarious class, the Goblin Enchantress. (Follow the link to see +Evlyn M’s beautiful illustration in full size.)

Take a trait such as Goblin Enchantress or Zombie Master or Baker of Sentient and Homicidal Cupcakes. This doesn’t give you advantage to checks, nor does it grant you outside help like an organisation. All you have is your band of fanatical goblins, crazed cultists, animal automata, etc.

Write down Goons dR8 * on you character sheet. They work as a group just like a follower (roll the dR whenever they attempt something risky). A step down means some of your goons died or were otherwise lost. As suggested by +guillaume jentey  on G+, you can use your Goons dR as armour or as magical components.

If the dR is stepped down to nothing, you have to attracts more goons. Wait d8 days and you’ll have your dR8 back – the referee can give you a smaller die in less time if they so choose.

Whenever you roll the maximum result on the dR, step it up. Either your goons get smarter/stronger/better at working together, or more of them just show up.

* In Macchiato Monsters, a risk die (dR) is a die that represents a resource or threat. On a 1-3, it is stepped down to the next lower die type (d12>d10>d8>d6>d4).