DM prep with Macchiato Monsters

Last weekend, I ran Macchiato Monsters for the first time since Easter. Over a couple days, I tweeted a sort of journal of my DM prep. Go read it if you want the background info or skip to the listicle. Oh, and I don’t think […]

How to make goon master characters in Macchiato Monsters

Some time ago,+Samuel Guillon‘s character managed to convince a tribe of goblins his character should be their new god. He asked about taking a trait like God of the Goblins to have a following of fanatical flunkies. I made this mechanic in a G+ comment, […]

Adapt your D&D characters to Macchiato Monsters

Here is another post salvaged from my G+ feed. The process I go through when importing characters from other OSA games into Macchiato Monsters. – Have six D&D-like stats? Keep ’em if they were rolled old school style. Otherwise roll 3d6 in order and arrange […]

Dungeon risk die for Macchiato Monsters

As part of my never ending quest for a simple dungeon exploration procedure, I made this mix of encounter and exploration risk die table. You roll a d4 alongside it and you get a situation. From a forgotten potion to an ambush by the main […]

Riding the con high from Trolls & Légendes

I am back from Trolls & Légendes. I had a blast. It was so nice to meet so many people, many of them I consider friends, who I hadn’t seen in at least three years. Inexplicably, I do not feel drained from the constant socialising, […]

/ u n t i t l e d u p d a t e /

As you are obviously aware of, is back online. It took me months to find the time to investigate how to put this site back up after I screwed up the SSL settings. One email to my hosting company to get the answer, and […]

Lunchtime D&D: fifth time’s the charm?

It sometimes feels like since I decided to start offering lunchtime D&D games in workplaces, I’ve spent most of my time designing rules. And it’s probably true. I blame 2020 for some of this, but I also learned a lot along the way. The initial […]

Your backpack is your background

This rather long winded post tries to explain the thought process behind the new rule for backpack equipment and background in Dungeonsnack, my minimalist adventure game designed for one-hour sessions. Gear as origin story I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but over its years […]

Lunchtime Dungeons: in praise of mix-and-matching game rules

My office Lunchtime Dungeons game stopped in the middle of a fight this week. Tomorrow, the players will face two high-level priestesses of Lolth who planeshifted on them to free a prisoner. And I have no idea who will die. I know, you can never […]

Rewriting the B/X Spell List (2nd level)

As promised, this is the second part of the spell list for Dungeonsnack, my minimalistic adventure game system. (I guess I have no excuse to not release it now.) You can find the first part of the spell list here. Again, the goal is to […]

Game conventions and team building

Running Dungeons & Dragons in a corporate environment isn’t something we nerds usually do. Roleplaying games are traditionally something we play with our friends, and doing it with strangers for team building and wellness purposes is a bit of a leap. Fortunately for my self […]