A stack of goblins

These are 11 sorts of goblins found in Goblinburg. I’m sure more will appear. I might also post more details about some of these in specific posts.

Diaphanes or surface goblins. Reskin of elves (PC class). The fungal spores in the Ruinfields, gave them magical powers. They like climbing on things to look down on you.
Snout or cave goblins. Reskin of dwarves that look like orcs (PC class). The strongest of all goblins, good with tools and weapons alike. Often employed as semi-skilled workers in the city.
Bug goblins or gobelours. Reskin of halflings (PC class). Hairy goblins who walk silently and enjoy a good meal. Come in two varieties: city gobelours, with buttoned up waistcoats and tea parties, and wild, cannibalistic gobelours. The latter are sometimes tamed by wizards who use them as hunters and bloodhounds.
Gnawer goblins or munchlings. Vicious little creatures with oversize jaws and weak limbs. They dress in metal plates (recycled tins, pots and pans or armour suits) and use hooks and chains to grab their victims, before munching on them. They don’t attack: if three or more gnawers are near you, save VS paralysis or take your AC as damage.
Roach goblins or gremlins. Reskin of pixies. Thumb size vermin with a penchant for practical jokes. Smoke them out and stamp them to death.
Crow goblins or corbelins. Reskin of goblins with a limited ability to glide. Loud and obnoxious little bastards that live under the roofs of public buildings.

Renart goblins or fox-people. Reskin of kobolds. Clever and shy, they mostly keep to themselves, hiding in cellars and getting out when no one’s looking. Fierce competitors of crow goblins when it comes to stealing honest people’s food.
Changelings or Mimic goblins. Improved doppelgangers, capable of imitating anything, living or not. Mostly solitary predators, they are considered a public menace when in groups.
Batlings of flying goblins. Reskin of orcs, with flight. Short sighted but far reaching, they can actually travel in the Big Black (if there were anywhere to go). Colonies of batlings prey on careless gatherers in remote locations. The rumours of their hemophiliac diet are only partly true.
Hobgoblins or billy guards. Very susceptible to strong authority, these goat-faced goblins are often employed as private guards or militia. Their investigative techniques are somewhat primitive.
Dwarves or bearded goblins. Another reskin of goblins. Inventive and industrious in a nonsensical fashion, they are prone to hilarious deaths. Think Tolkien’s stunties, but garden ornament size. They have long names and longer ancestry lines (especially since their life expectancy is about two years). Favourite food: cave cheese.

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