Get these ‘Ask me about playing D&D’ flyers to make new friends!

Following on last week’s post about finding D&D groups in Dublin (and everywhere else), I thought I’d push these free Ask me about playing Dungeons & Dragons flyers. I made them using one of Tony DiTerlizzi’s Inktober sketches.

Ask me about playing Dungeons & Dragons flyers -D&D flyers - art by Tony DiTerlizzi

My first impulse was to do these for myself, but Tony very kindly agreed to let me share them, so here you are. It’s on my Itch page, the one I created to publish mu experimental Drama Module for Fifth Edition. You may need an account to download, but the files are free.

If you don’t know Tony, he’s an author and illustrator, and also a lifelong Dungeons & Dragons player. His work on the Planescape setting in the 90s showed the world that you could give a strong art direction to a mainstream tabletop RPG line. I was fortunate enough to interview him a few years ago for Inis Magazine and ask him about gaming. I can’t find the interview online, but thank Tyr we have Google docs: Tony DiTerlizzi interview for Inis Mag.

Anyway, download these Ask me about playing D&D flyers, display them on public places, and have nerdy conversations with strangers!

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