Encumbrance chart: worth the trouble?

This was made on a whim, while I was thinking about procedural dungeons and tactical fights. I don’t know if it’s worth getting into so much detail, but I’ve always liked the idea that knowing what your character is holding right now is a good […]

A ghost sword

Kept in a dagger sheath, the Phantom Blade is the stump of a broken sword. Only a maimed swordsperson can wake the memory of its former wholeness. In the hand of such a fighter, this unwieldy knife becomes a +1 longsword for all purposes. Its […]

Special coins in treasure hoards

As much as the decimal system makes things easy, currency of the olden times was diverse and ancient and weird. I think it’s sad to imagine nondescript discs of metal in each and every treasure chest or bandit’s satchel. I don’t advise you should use […]

A big fat dump from another failed web thing

I kept this minimalist webjournalblogyoke for a while. Didn’t stick to it, so since I’m more or less collating all my old school gaming stuff here, here’s a huge text dump.  It’ll look like shit but I don’t care. slash dungeon I’ll use this space […]

The Zoomer

Inspired by season 2 of Stranger Things, I made this class for B/X style games. Posting an image because pasting into Blogger from Google docs sucks (as it should), but you can get the PDF of the Zoomer class here.  

The Naked Wanderer

Here is a class for B/X compatible games that I made as an exercise when thinking about equipment scarcity and puzzles in dungeons. +James V West said he’d play a Naked Wanderer, so I guess it’s not complete nonsense 😉 We all have heard stories of […]

A gallery of goblins: the thoul

I made this for +James V West‘s #glorpy challenge and it was a lot of fun. The text below is mostly the same as above. A thoul is a patchwork of goblins, fused together with necromantic rituals and glorpy serum (also know as the blood of […]

Troblins and Butcher Houses

Pictured here is a troblin guarding the  Mountain Hexagon meatpacking warehouse. Fresh meat is rare in Goblinburg, and as such it is defended by the most resilient of troops. Troblins are goblins with a fair amount of troll blood. Their regenerative ability makes them cheap […]

Dilemma: where is Goblinburg?

So I have two ideas, and I don’t know which one will suit the campaign better. This is me brainstorming. Deep under Anatolia, circa 1630 History, Dumas style: factions like the crowns of Europe and the Company of Jesus join the Burgmeistress and the Guild […]

A stack of goblins

These are 11 sorts of goblins found in Goblinburg. I’m sure more will appear. I might also post more details about some of these in specific posts. Diaphanes or surface goblins. Reskin of elves (PC class). The fungal spores in the Ruinfields, gave them magical […]

First map of Goblinburg

Hastily shaded with bad charcoal pencils, and shown filtered as an attempt to make it look a bit better. The city is built on – and carved inside – a gigantic stalactite. The main source of light are the Rays, which come only from one […]

So, why Goblinburg?

I’ve been thinking about running a Basic Dungeons & Dragons campaign for a while now. Will I do it, I’m not entirely sure. I have my own old school ruleset to finish publishing and I don’t want to mix both projects. But I want to get […]