First map of Goblinburg

Hastily shaded with bad charcoal pencils, and shown filtered as an attempt to make it look a bit better.

The city is built on – and carved inside – a gigantic stalactite. The main source of light are the Rays, which come only from one direction. I haven’t decided if there’s a day/night cycle yet. It’ll depend on what kind of cave we’re taking about. (I’m undecided.)

High on Goblinburg’sdark face, a titanic carved head casts starlight with unblinking eyes. No one really knows what it’s deal is. I have no idea myself. The batlings who live in the Growth and Weaklinks below avoid the light like the plague.

Drawing this, it struck me that magicks like spider climb and levitate would be invaluable to people who work outside the buildings and tend the fungal gardens of the bright side. I’m thinking one-use charms you can wear on your person. Potions require two hands and scrolls are literacy and light dependant.

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