Dispelling ghosts with microwaves

I have an idea for your weird/post-apocalyptic/urban fantasy game. I was thinking of Americano Anomalies and The New Economy, Tore Nielsen’s post-normal hacks, but I’d use it in my regular D&D campaign.   Below are some gameables. Microwave items Prices imply that microwave technology is fairly […]

Old school damage and one-roll combat

Related to my last post, I was reminiscing¬†about the old damage notation, before they systematically used the XdN abbreviation. 2d6 was noted 2-12, d4+1 was 2-5, etc. I remember it being a bit of a¬†math challenge when I was a kid. But I was thinking, […]

Thinking about hit dice

For multiple reasons (one of them being my incorrigible tinkering tendencies) I keep refining the way Lunchtime Dungeons handles damage. Hit points are gone and gutted, but I want to keep hit dice. I  think hit dice can be a fun mechanic.   “I thought I’d […]

Using the classic stats as skills in Lunchtime Dungeons

More controversial hackery from the Irish frog! Well, I need to think about this, and no one’s forcing you to read my internet brain. Seriously, fuck this guy The Context For months now, I’ve been on the fence about a skill like mechanic in Lunchtime […]

Using the hit die as a soak damage mechanic in Adventure TTRPG

Two of my goal designs for Lunchtime Dungeons are: simple procedures for shorter sessions and deadly combat. With that in mind, I’m going to test the following hack. I’m open to thoughts and suggestions. Pathetic aesthetic by Jim Holloway Damage is a fixed number (the […]

d66 exploration and encounter table for The Lost City

Here’s a thing I’m playtesting for Lunchtime Dungeons.(Click the pic.) The exploration procedure has been working pretty smoothly for a few months now, but I was inspired by a peek Luka Rejec gave us of his d100 event-slash-encounter table a while ago. Earlier inspiration comes […]

The Neon Marsh is in alpha

It took me a while, but I’ve completed the text of the first setting for Macchiato Monsters. It’s not something I had planned to do from the start, but I hit a snag with the Build-your-own-setting booklets so when Paolo suggested a mini-setting to support […]

How to make goon master characters in Macchiato Monsters

Some time ago,+Samuel Guillon‘s character managed to convince a tribe of goblins his character should be their new god. He asked about taking a trait like God of the Goblins to have a following of fanatical flunkies. I made this mechanic in a G+ comment, […]

More ways to clear dungeons with gunpowder

Because it’s not always about pistols, yanno? I am going to use these in my current campaign when it finally reaches Yoon-Suin. Like China in the Renaissance, my Purple Country is less advanced when it comes to guns, but it makes up for it with […]

Adapt your D&D characters to Macchiato Monsters

Here is another post salvaged from my G+ feed. The process I go through when importing characters from other OSA games into Macchiato Monsters. – Have six D&D-like stats? Keep ’em if they were rolled old school style. Otherwise roll 3d6 in order and arrange […]

Grandaddy’s D&D character cheet

There is a good chance I get to run D&D for a bunch of non gamer nerds over the holidays. I’ll use the rules I’ve posted yesterday, but I didn’t have a character sheet straightforward enough. Nothing puts new people off RPGs like complicated character […]

Current Flailsnails Rules

When I’ not running Macchiato Monsters or a new game I want to try, I use what Jeff Rients calls walking-around D&D. Which means, I use the mechanics I can hold in my head, and adjudicate the rest. For future reference, here is what I tell […]