A gallery of goblins: the thoul

I made this for +James V West‘s #glorpy challenge and it was a lot of fun. The text below is mostly the same as above. A thoul is a patchwork of goblins, fused together with necromantic rituals and glorpy serum (also know as the blood of […]

Troblins and Butcher Houses

Pictured here is a troblin guarding the  Mountain Hexagon meatpacking warehouse. Fresh meat is rare in Goblinburg, and as such it is defended by the most resilient of troops. Troblins are goblins with a fair amount of troll blood. Their regenerative ability makes them cheap […]

Dilemma: where is Goblinburg?

So I have two ideas, and I don’t know which one will suit the campaign better. This is me brainstorming. Deep under Anatolia, circa 1630 History, Dumas style: factions like the crowns of Europe and the Company of Jesus join the Burgmeistress and the Guild […]

A stack of goblins

These are 11 sorts of goblins found in Goblinburg. I’m sure more will appear. I might also post more details about some of these in specific posts. Diaphanes or surface goblins. Reskin of elves (PC class). The fungal spores in the Ruinfields, gave them magical […]

First map of Goblinburg

Hastily shaded with bad charcoal pencils, and shown filtered as an attempt to make it look a bit better. The city is built on – and carved inside – a gigantic stalactite. The main source of light are the Rays, which come only from one […]

So, why Goblinburg?

I’ve been thinking about running a Basic Dungeons & Dragons campaign for a while now. Will I do it, I’m not entirely sure. I have my own old school ruleset to finish publishing and I don’t want to mix both projects. But I want to get […]