The Drama Module for 5E now available!

I made a thing for fifth edition D&D. It is called The Drama Module. Here is why I made it:

You know how, watching people like the cast of Critical Role bring these wonderful characters to life, you think: “how will I get my players to create cool relationships between their characters?” After all, inter character drama isn’t in the rules. What’s in the rules is mostly exploration and combat.

So my thought was: “why not add rules for character drama?”. I took advantage of the SwordDream game jam on to try and lure players into creating strong relationships between their characters.

With The Drama Module, they’ll do it because of the rules. Tell them they can have more than one instance of Inspiration, that they’ll be able to take Inspiration from another player when they need it, or to use it twice to roll 3d20 and keep the best result! Oh and tell them, they’ll get some XP for confronting, manipulating, or supporting each other. All for the low, low price of thinking about their characters as people instead of combo delivering devices.

Character development and extra powers… What’s not to like?

The Drama Module is a set of 27 cards (more if you print out some duplicates) available as a PDF from You can get it from this handy widget:

(Or by following this link to The Drama Module on if for some reason the widget isn’t working.)

And while you are at it, hang around and have a browse. The DreamJam attracted 63 designers from all over the world, and more importantly from across community barriers. Most of these games are free too! Collect them all!

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